Monday, 23 February 2009

Tantrums and Tiaras, Sarah Horne - Young Readers

Tantrums and Tiaras by Sarah Horne. £4.99. 978-1-84715-045-5. Stripes Publishing.
When Molly moves to the countryside she suspects that she might get a little bored, after all there are only trees, sheep and cows to be seen.
But she hadn’t accounted for the rather strange neighbours, the Von Volavons, who live in a most spectacular-looking castle and their even odder pet: a talking pure-bred Persian Mimi.
Molly is asked to look after the pet when Mrs Von Volavon, in a fit of pique, decides to take her spoiled children on a break.
But – having got over the fact that the cat actually speaks – she finds she cannot satisfy the demands of this overbearing moggy, which refuses to eat mere cat food.
Instead she wants trout a la maison (the goldfish) and pork de la Bon-Von-de-la-Mon (the guinea pigs) and talking quail (the pet parrot).
But can Molly win over the tiara-wearing ball of fluff? Young readers will love this slapstick tale, with its succinct lessons in good behaviour and manners.
Jayne Howarth

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