Monday, 15 March 2010


The Island by Sarah Singleton is due to be published at the beginning of April and the publicity is citing it as The Beach for teens. But beware although there is no mention in the publicity nor on the jacket it is only part one...the very last page number 294 says "to be continued...look out for the sequel to The Island coming soon."

I thought that a lot of the story was left hanging and that is obviously the reason why. Sarah Singleton writes well and I enjoyed particularly The Poison Garden but felt put out by what seems to be a singularily commercial decision. If the jacket had said part one that would have been fine as I wouldn't have wasted my time in reading it. I read at the weekend that Lee Child is doing the same with the latest Jack Reacher novel...perhaps it is all down to ordering books online. Whatever the reason it succeeded in annoying me! Does anyone agree?